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Valentine’s day is coming and lot of us are coveting a romantic dinner with their partner. Soft lights, red roses, music in the background, a good glass of wine and a juicy dish. Why not tease your senses with a little magic?

Truffle aphrodisiac food par excellence cannot miss in any candlelight dinner!

Thanks to its outstanding sensorial peculiarities a single grated of truffle can give moments of pure enjoyment. The intense aroma inebriates your smell, the strong flavour entices your taste harmonizing mouth, heart and brain.

The idea of truffle aphrodisiac food finds its roots in very distant ages mixing up reality and myth. The Ancient Greek thought that truffle was created by the passionate Zeus with a bolt and it was so appreciated that was called “Food of Gods”. Legends and stories chased each other moving from the Etruscans to the Romans up to Renaissance nobles and, more precisely, up to Lucrezia Borgia. She was a passionate seductress and sensual lover and went so much crazy about truffle that a great banquet with 14 truffle courses was held in her honour.

Very often, history and science are inextricably linked. Science, in fact, added new findings that strengthen truffle as a food of love. It has been proven that sows are particularly prone to get aroused by truffle aroma. In olden times people used sows for truffle hunting, not by chance. What was the reason? The androsterone! A steroid hormone of pigs adult specimens.

Whether for science or historical heritage, truffle is still considered the aphrodisiac food par excellence. Truffle is that hint of magic that makes a dinner special but, above all, it’s a symbol of great passion: a precious gift we give only to those we really care about.