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Simone Calugi from Selektia Tartufi leads us to discover White Truffle of Crete Senesi and one of the areas that express the most authentic and unique Tuscany.

“Crete Senesi – explains Simone – are to the south-east of Siena including the towns of Asciano, Buonaconvento, Monteroni d’Arbia, Rapolano Terme and Trequanda. This area is characterised by the presence of clay in the soil, that here in Tuscany is called Creta hence the name Crete Senesi. This kind of clay gives the characteristic bluish-grey color to the landscape  and almost lunar appearance. The landscape is amazing and every year this area is the destination of many tourists who come to visit the rolling hills of Tuscany, the oak woods and the cypress rows. For Tuscan truffle hunters it represents an amazing place for the picking of White Truffle of the Crete Senesithat is called the diamond of the Crete”.

An authentic Tuscany, fabulous landscapes waiting to be discovered: white roads, vineyards, olive groves and the typical gullies and biancane. Gullies are deep furrows that look like a knife edge placed in parallel, very steep, with no vegetation. Biancane are particular dome-shaped reliefs with longitudinal grooves and sometimes covered by vegetation, they are mainly located along the Lauretana street, in the stretch between Siena and Asciano. Gullies can be admired in the area around Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey.

Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey, was funded in the 14th century thanks to San Bernardo Tolomei, dominates with its majesty over the Tuscan landscape even today.

For truffle lovers and not, every year several truffle fairs are held in this area such as San Giovanni d’Asso truffle fair. Simone Calugi waits for you in Tuscany but if you want, you can receive Selektia Tartufi products directly to your home!