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Bianchetto Truffle, Marzuolo or Marzolino as we call it in Tuscany is the cousin of the precious White Truffle with whom it shares the white color.

What is Bianchetto Truffle Marzuolo or Marzolino?
Less known than White Truffle, Bianchetto truffle is a species diffused in the Italian peninsula and its collection period goes from January to April. The name itself alludes to a relationship to White Truffle with whom it only shares a slight resemblance in the form and colour. In fact, it has a globular and smooth shape with tonalities from white to brown while size is smaller and internal veins are coarser than White Truffle.  Less prized but not less tasty, Bianchetto Truffle or Marzuolo or Marzolino as we call it in Tuscany can give inimitable flavours with his unique aroma. Greta Rovini, Selektia Tartufi Export Manager, tells us about Bianchetto Truffle and Marzuolo: “ Tuber Albidium Pico o Tuber Borchii Vitt in Latin, here in Tuscany is also called Marzolino Truffle because its vesting period is precisely March. It belongs to the family of White Truffle and it looks a bit like White Truffle – explains Greta Rovini Marzolino Truffle has a very distinctive scent and it grows both inland and sea areas mainly close to maritime pine”.

Considering the very distinctive scent, how can we cook Marzuolo Truffle?
“Considering its distinctive scent and pretty garlicky we suggest to grate it over a fried egg or a pizza”. According Simone Calugi from Selektia Tartufi “Marzolino Truffle grated over pizza is simply divine strictly white pizza with mozzarella di bufala, illegal to use tomato!”.

No matter how you call it: Bianchetto, Marzuolo or Marzolino Truffle and its intense aroma is very tasty and we strongly suggest to try it… on a strictly white pizza: that’s an amazing combination of pizza and truffle