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After a one-year stop due to the pandemic, the 50th edition of the Sanminiates Hills National White Truffle Market Exhibition resumes on Nov. 13.
All visitors and truffle lovers will once again have the opportunity to access the event held in the very area that boasts the most prestigious and abundant collection of White Truffle, His Majesty the Tuber Magnatum Pico, which has always been done carefully and under the banner of extreme respect for the ecosystem, which is essential for truffles to develop while maintaining their quality from scent to taste.

Over the years, the notoriety of the harvest has meant that the event has been greatly expanded, becoming to all intents and purposes an Exhibition Market of international resonance, hosting and exhibiting both the best selected White Truffles, the undisputed protagonists, and local wines, cured meats and cheeses. Between street food and star-studded cooking shows, this edition will be dedicated to women.

“We have chosen to decline this Mostra Mercato to women – explains the president of the San Miniato Promotion Foundation Marzio Gabbanini – to highlight, if ever there was a need, that despite so many difficulties, women have achieved in all fields numerous and prestigious achievements. That is why we will have only female chefs, honors and awards will be given to women, and in the meetings the female figure will take center stage.”

During the six-day exhibition Selektia Tartufi will be present, to introduce and taste products made with the same passion handed down from generation to generation, a natural and genuine taste that can share and demonstrate love and respect for the land.