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Selektia Tartufi has just inaugurated the Kosher product line, discover it in the new dedicated section of our website!
Selektia Tartufi’s Kosher product line was created to give people of the Jewish religion the opportunity to enjoy our products and thus consume them in accordance with the dictates of the Jewish cult or specific cultural choices. Selektia tartufi’s Kosher product line is also synonymous with high quality food due to constant controls and great attention to hygiene. This is why it is very often preferred by vegans, vegetarians or simply those who seek an extra guarantee in the food they consume. In fact, Selektia Tartufi has obtained Kosher certification following careful inspection of ingredients and production processes by a rabbinical body.

But what does Kosher product mean?
Kosher or Kasher is the set of religious rules governing the diet of observant Jews. In fact, the Hebrew term literally means “Fit, conforming to the law and the main rules derived from the Bible: The Torah” [Read more]. It is precisely in the Torah that the rules and maxims to be followed in the daily diet of the faithful are dictated.
In the common imagination, the best known distinction is between meat and dairy products, which cannot be cooked or eaten together. There is actually a third category: parve foods.

What are parve foods?
Parve foods are all those foods that are neither dairy nor meat such as fruits, grains, vegetables and fish with the exception of shellfish which are considered unclean animals. The products in Selektia Tartufi’s Kosher Line are precisely part of parve foods. Be warned, however: a parve food can become “meat” or “dairy” if cooked together with foods in those categories and therefore will have to comply with those rules.

Why choose a Kosher product?
Because a Kosher-certified product represents the fruit of careful selection of the ingredients used and the manufacturing processes. The guarantee that there is no contamination for a consumer of the Jewish religion and an additional guarantee of high product quality.

Selektia Tartufi’s Kosher products.
Currently, Selektia Tartufi’s Kosher-certified products are: truffle sauce, truffle extra virgin olive oil, summer truffle carpaccio, truffle salt, and truffle sweetness made from acacia honey.

You can discover them directly from our website.