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Practical guide and chef’s tips

Our noodles are plated, hot and steaming, and with a solemn and satisfied air we are about to give a good ‘grating’ of San Miniato white truffle. But which should we use?
Whether white or black, the truffle must be cut with professional tools that do not alter its flavour or appearance and that avoid wasting the product. The truffle grater and cutter therefore becomes an invaluable ally in the kitchen when we need to enrich our dishes with this delicious ingredient and must be chosen with great care.
A chef’s faithful ally are truffle graters and truffle cutters, and the difference between the two lies essentially in the quality and size of the cut.
Truffle graters, which are more accurately called micrograin graters, cut the truffle into strands enhancing its aroma and increasing its volume while greatly limiting the amount of product used.
Truffle cutters or truffle slicers cut the truffle into shavings. They can take various shapes and be made of the most varied materials: completely made of stainless steel or enriched with an olive wood or rosewood handle. Whatever their shape, the essential element of a good truffle slicer is undoubtedly the blade. The blade, obviously made of stainless steel and well sharpened, can be smooth or wavy and one can choose one or the other depending on the cut we want to achieve. Most of those on the market have a small wheel that can adjust the thickness of the cut. This makes it possible to accommodate the chef’s every need when garnishing truffle dishes.
Truffle graters and truffle cutters therefore become an indispensable accessory for the kitchens of great Chefs but also for all white and black truffle lovers. To enhance the quality of the product, we recommend choosing the exclusive Selektia truffle cutter in our shop.