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Woman and truffle maker: here is Maria Margarita!

Isn’t it a woman’s profession? But who said so!
Maria Margarita is a woman and truffle hunter. One of the few women in Tuscany who can, in her own right, call herself a true female “Truffle Hunter.”
With a degree in economics, a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne and a broken marriage behind her, she chose with courage and determination to be a truffle hunter. And the woods of Tuscany chose her. In a world of men, very competitive and in some ways archaic, Margarita is well aware that she has broken patterns. Kind and capable, she wins with a smile and grit every day not only the precious tubers but above all the respect of men, beyond all stereotypes. “If it was for company,” she maintains, smiling, “then there is no problem, but if a woman starts to be a competitor… then everything changes!”
Margherita is certainly one of the first female truffle hunters and, to date, one of the few female truffle hunters in Italy. A woman who, thanks to truffle hunting, has succeeded in the feat of changing her life and following her dreams: to live in contact with nature, in such a wonderful environment as the Tuscan countryside, together with her dogs, faithful truffle hunting companions.
“How did I get started? I had just separated,” Maria Margarita continues, “and I had two small children. The only chance to earn some money while staying to live in the countryside was to go truffle hunting.”
Per Simone Calugi of Selektia Tartufi, Maria Margarita has been searching for the best Tuscan truffles for years. Selektia Tartufi in fact selects and purchases fresh Tuscan truffles daily from local male and female seekers of all ages. Only through continuous work alongside local seekers is it possible to source the best white truffles straight from the woods and bring them to the tables of Italians and abroad.
Bravo to Margarita, woman and truffle hunter! Selektia thanks you for your fresh Tuscan truffles always of the highest quality!