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One of the recurring questions among those preparing to cook them is how do I clean porcini mushrooms?

The answer is quite simple, but as often happens in these cases, it takes very little to make mistakes and compromise the magnificent organoleptic qualities of our delicious porcini mushrooms.

“Porcini mushrooms are very fragrant and tasty,” says Simone Calugi of Selektia Tartufi, “so I always recommend eating them fresh, or rather very fresh, just picked from the forest, choosing only the best quality ones. Top-quality fresh mushrooms are hard and compact and are easier to clean. Although running water should always be avoided because the mushroom behaves like a sponge and absorbs water, losing consistency, if the mushroom is compact and hard and particularly dirty with soil, a quick wipe with running water is possible. In any case, I always recommend starting with a damp sponge or a damp cloth that is always new and well cleaned. You can sponge the upper part of the cap as if to polish it, and then also the lower part. The stem of the mushroom is also edible, so it should be cleaned in the same way. For the lower part of the stalk, a small knife is used to scrape off the excess earth and to cut the lower part, without exaggerating because even the stalk is eaten! Two mistakes not to make. Keep the mushrooms submerged in a basin of water and use hot water: the water used for all these operations must be absolutely cold!”

How to clean fresh porcini mushrooms in three steps:
1) Scrape with a small knife or gently brush off the soiled part of the mushrooms starting from the stem.
2) Swab and rub the whole mushroom with a sponge or dampened cloth to remove all the remaining soil.
3) If there is still some soil left and the mushrooms are firm and compact, pass them very quickly under a trickle of cold running water, rubbing them gently with your hands and dry them immediately with a clean, dry cloth.
4) Cut the porcini mushrooms into more or less thin slices, depending on the preparation to be carried out.

Depending on the season, you can enjoy fresh porcini mushrooms from Selektia Tartufi directly at home. Simone Calugi of Selektia Tartufi is at your disposal to offer you fresh mushrooms according to the season or frozen, preserved or dried so that you will never run out and make every great occasion truly special.