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The Tuscan black summer truffle is harvested, as per Regional Law 50/95, in the period between 1 June and 30 November throughout the territory.

Law 50/95 concerns the cultivation and trade of fresh and preserved truffles intended for consumption and the protection and enhancement of truffle ecosystems. A real point of reference for every truffle hunter in Tuscany.

The black Tuscan summer truffle, whose Latin name is Tuber Aestivum Vitt., is known among truffle hunters as Tartufo Scorzone, which is distinguished by certain typical characteristics such as the peridium, or ‘rind’, which is particularly warty and black in colour. This leads it to be considered one of the less valuable truffles even though it is an excellent edible mushroom. The gleba, i.e. the inner part, is lighter in colour, a hazelnut colour tending to yellow when ripe, and is furrowed with numerous veins.

Its medium to large size, its typically ‘mushroomy’ smell, delicate and pleasant, and its aromatic flavour similar to that of porcini mushrooms, make it an indispensable ingredient to enrich the summer gastronomic offerings of restaurants and tourist and agritourism facilities frequented by Italian and foreign guests in search of the truffle’s truest and most genuine flavours. The black summer truffle is historically widespread in Tuscan homes where, since the 1930s, a strong truffle-harvesting tradition has been widespread in the area thanks to the use of truffle dogs and also testified to by the presence of numerous truffle associations.

In Italy, the black summer truffle is prevalent in Tuscany and Umbria where it grows in association with broad-leaved trees. In the woods it is often associated with downy oaks and holm oaks, while in large parks, including those of ancient dwellings, it grows in symbiosis prevalently with holm oaks.

Because its organoleptic characteristics are fully appreciated when it is well ripe, the summer truffle is used in the kitchen as a base for preparations with other ingredients, and summer black truffle tagliatelle is delicious.

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