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Would you like to make a special dinner with friends? We suggest you an option as simple as tasty! Not a traditional matching, truffle pizza combines the extraordinary semplicity of pizza and this precious ingredient. Can we do it? “Of course! – Selektia Tartufi Export Manager Greta Rovini explains – Truffle pizza is one of my favourites. It matches the traditional italian pizza that made italians famous worldwide with truffle, one of the excellence of our territory” .

Pizza is a very popular and simple product which can become “extraordinary” with a few simple steps. Selektia Tartufi suggests 3 different options for a delicious homemade truffle pizza. We recommend to use high quality and Made in Italy products both for dough and seasoning.

That’s what’s needed. As first option we suggest to always keep at home a bottle of Selektia truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil. Take the pizza out of the oven and pour only a few drops of oil. That will be enough to make your pizza special.

As second option we recommend to keep a jar of Selektia black summer truffle carpaccio in the pantry. Add on oven-fresh pizza some carpaccio slices and your standard pizza will become a truffle gourmet pizza.

The third and best option is San Miniato fresh white truffle bianchetto truffle, black sweet truffle, black uncinato or summer truffle according to availability and season. You will get a unique and extraordinary taste experience simply dressing your pizza with some special fresh truffle slices. That will be a wonderful journey that will put a strain on your senses. Why wait?

Now is so easy t get the chance to enjoy an extraordinary truffle pizza at home! You can order on our e-shop and receive them directly to your home!