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San Miniato white truffle exhibition: Selektia wins

For the Calugi family, an exciting month has ended. We were for 3 consecutive weekends in contact with people who, like us, love truffles. We had the pleasure of participating in the San Miniato White Truffle Market Exhibition. The 51st Mostra was held on November 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27, 2022.

The days flew by between cooking classes, tastings, and truffle hunting demonstrations. In the first weekend alone, the event had about 25,000 attendees. The historic center of San Miniato was populated with tourists and visitors who were passionate about white truffles.

San Miniato’s fresh truffle on display.
Every year, during the last weekends of November, the National White Truffle Market Exhibition is held. We are in the height of the white truffle season, which reaches its peak of ripeness and goodness at this time. The harvesting period for the precious food starts in early September and lasts until the end of the year. That is why November is the best time to celebrate it.

Environmental sustainability was this year’s central theme. Never before has it been so important to safeguard our ecosystem that gives us many precious gifts, including precisely the white truffle. It was the mayor of San Miniato himself, Simone Giglioli, who opened the Exhibition by talking about climate change, explaining how this year’s low rainfall has affected the truffle harvest.

Selektia winner with the largest white truffle
During these days we caught up with old friends and met great fans of the San Miniato white truffle. The greatest satisfaction was winning the first prize for the largest white truffle exhibited at the 51st San Miniato White Truffle Exhibition, an impressive 575 grams of a wonderful white truffle. A true spectacle of nature.

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