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Porcini mushrooms have finally arrived in Tuscany and at Selektia Tartufi.

“Between May and June makes a good mushroom,” recalls Simone Calugi of Selektia Tartufi quoting an old Tuscan adage-although this year (2021 ed.) they arrived late, as the soil did not warm up enough due to the too cold and rainy season.
“We all know that in order to have mushrooms you need not only water but also sunshine.”

The common porcini mushroom, Boletus edulis, is a very well-known and popular mushroom in Tuscany; it is therefore considered the King of Mushrooms.

The many passionate “mushroomers” when the right season comes, collect porcini mushrooms directly in the woods, their natural habitat. Porcini mushrooms grow under different trees such as chestnut, beech and oak forests. Not to be forgotten that in Tuscany Porcino mushrooms also grow under fir and lodgepole pine trees.

Harvesting is regulated by special regional regulations.

Inevitably in the tradition of Tuscan cuisine, porcini mushrooms are the protagonists.

In order of appearance “on the table,” we could start our porcini mushroom lunch with delicious porcini mushroom crostini made with strictly Tuscan bread or in the even more mouth-watering variation with a base of fried polenta.

We could then continue with a plate of Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini topped with a drizzle of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and plenty of grated cheese.

To best conclude a Tuscan porcini mushroom meal, we could not miss grilled porcini mushrooms. The secret is to cut the cap of a nice mushroom “into portions,” grease the outside with a drizzle of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and season with chopped garlic and parsley and then cook over a very high heat!
If you really want to overdo it and impress your diners, do as we Tuscans do: a nice grilled beef tenderloin with a porcini mushroom cap on top. The gates of heaven will open wide!

At Selektia Tartufi you can buy porcini mushrooms any time of the year. Fresh according to the season, Frozen, Preserved or dried.

In our kitchen, a supply of porcini mushrooms to season a noodle is never lacking. Take advantage of it yourself!