Our mushrooms are carefully selected to offer the consumer only the best of quality.
Always loved for their scent and unmistakable flavor, porcini mushrooms are suitable for many preparations. Porcini, thanks to their versatility, can be eaten raw, thinly cut, with just a drizzle of oil but also for meat, fish and pasta recipes.
Below you will find our tips for cleaning porcini mushrooms to the best.

  • Gently scrape the soil with a smooth blade knife from the base of the stem to remove it from the porcino.
  • Once the previous operation is completed, with a cotton cloth, remove the soil residues from the crape.
  •  If the mushroom is still very dirty, pass it under a jet of running water and dry immediately ( this last operation must be carried out only if it is really necessary).
  • Proceed with the desired preparation.


The best way
to preserve
its taste and perfume

Selektia recommends to keep the fresh Truffle,
whether white or black, wrapped in a paper towel inside a glass jar well closed.
Store the truffle in the refrigerator for a maximum of seven days. To preserve the perfume check that the paper towel is always dry, otherwise replace it.

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