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Tartufo nero pregiato

Our steaming and succulent duck fillet eagerly awaits his dear old friend Black Truffle. He is not late. He slowly come down from the grater nestling on his dear friend duck fillet and surrounded by a sweet hazelnut aroma. They are finally merged in a warm hug.

How should we handle Black Truffle to preserve this magic poetry?

Here’s the Selektia Tartufi guide to Black Truffle through which you will cook a gourmet dish! The 4 key words are: clean, preserve, cook and eat!

Clean: firstly, you need to get a soft bristles brush or toothbrush. Under running water start brushing strongly enough to remove the soil residues but not to ruin the truffle. When removed the soil, dry the Black Truffle very well with some paper towel.

Preserve: Once dry, wrap the truffle in some blotting paper or in a towel and storage in a glass or plastic jar with hermetic top. Change the paper towel every 1-2 days and remember that Black Truffle can last up to 15 days if well preserved!

Cook: Black Truffle can be used uncooked as White Truffle but it’s very suitable for short cooking especially with chopped garlic and parsley or quickly browned in a pan. We strongly suggest to cook Black Truffle in order to enhance its wonderful hazelnut aroma. We also recommend to remove it from the fridge an hour before cooking: the fragrance will be very intense.
Attention! Black Truffle is ripe when the flesh is grey, the veins are white and thin and it smells of hazelnut.

Thanks to this simple guide you will easily get to the most awaited moment will easily: tasting!