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tartufo e cinema

Image taken from the film "No Reservations"

Truffle and cinema is a very strong duo, in fact truffle has always taken pride of place in the panorama of Italian and international cinema. Precious aphrodisiac fruit, it is usually described as a luxury food, a real delicacy for the most refined palates and very often it represents the Cupid’s arrow . Italian cinema has always had a special regard for truffle. Starting with Italian director Marco Ferreri who dedicated two movies to truffle, both white truffle and black truffle, with interpreters par excellence such as Marcello Mastroianni and Ugo Tognazzi. These two great interpreters performs in the 1965 “Oggi, domain e dopodomani” and the 1973 “La grande abbuffata”. And not to forget the super funny Carlo Verdone and Renato Pozzetto acting in the 1986 “Sette chilli in sette giorni”. Also in the international cinema there are lots of scenes dedicated to truffle. Just think of the great Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts performing in “Notting Hill” the cult movie directed by Roger Michell. Truffle has a key role during one of the most funny scenes in the movie and maybe it was the Guinea fowl with truffle that made William fall in love with Anna!
Another foreign movie that celebrates truffle, food and love is the 2007 movie “No Reservations” directed by Scott Hicks. The main characters are Aaron Eckhart and the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones in the shoes of Nick and Kate. Kate is a famous chef living for her job but her life changes when her sister die. Kate must begin to take care of her niece Zoe and the owner of the restaurant calls a new chef for help, Nick who conquers the heart of both Zoe and Kate thanks to his bright soul. Two scenes are dedicated to truffle. In the first scene Catherine Zeta-Jones is filmed together with a truffle hunter selecting black and white Italian truffles. In the second one , Kate is cooking a dish with Zoe. Kate steps out for a moment so Zoe takes the truffles and smells them but, disgusted, throws them in the garbage. Kate, upon her return, notices truffles in the bin, takes them back and put in a jar with rice for a better conservation. Cinema and food, cinema and truffle are a winning couple and synonymous with love in all its facets: love for food, love for truffle, love for each other.

For your movie star night, Selektia Tartufi surely has the truffle that suits you because.. truffle is cinema, truffle is women, truffle is love.