Selektia Tartufi has been elected and certified Italian Excellence

The recognition is due to compliance with the quality standards of Made in Italy and beyond. Thanks to the commitment and respect of the strict production protocols in terms of hygiene, health and organization, Selektia has also obtained other important certifications such as IFS, BRC, BIO and KOSHER.
The values that distinguish Selektia Tartufi are quality, passion, tradition and sustainability. Very important values that led the company to offer unique specialties in their kind and to be elected Italian excellence.

Tartufi san miniato news

The company demands the use of natural raw materials and simple production processes and chooses not to use additives and preservatives in order not to alter the taste and quality of the finished product.
In addition to the Tuscan Truffle and fresh mushrooms, preserved, dried and frozen also artichokes, zucchini and other vegetables typical of our land. The company is proud to represent the Made in Italy in the world and to be part of the Italian Excellences.


Revisited tradition

Selektia Tartufi has decided to make unique one of the most appreciated condiments by Italians.
A delicious mix of fresh basil, Dop parmesan, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and Summer Truffle.
A recipe that will make every dishes absolutely great from the simplest to the most sought after.
Ideal to flavor first courses, pizzas and even meat and fish.

Tartufi san miniato news