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Simone Calugi from Selektia Tartufi has a great passion for truffle and it comes from far in time, ever since he was a kid.
Since childhood he also had a big interest for truffle scales.
“In the afternoon when I was at home doing my homework the scale was there.. always on the table next to me. – tells Simone Calugi from Selektia Tartufi -
My parents were out of work so I welcomed all the truffle hunters who rang the bell and I used the scale for weighing their truffles.
But at the time, truffle hunters got much greater quantities than today. That’s why I used an old scale for chickens. It wasn’t very accurate but it didn’t matter because they gave us lot of truffles every single time.”
Today, many years later, during his daily “tours” for collecting fresh truffle from truffle hunters of San Miniato Crete Senesi or all the Tuscany greatest areas, Simone Calugi uses a modern electronic scale with a high precision. He carries it with him in the car whenever he goes so that he can precisely weigh even the smallest quantities of fresh truffle.
Simone Calugi has the chance to collect the finest and freshest truffles from truffle hunters hands directly, sometimes even into the woods. This is his main activity during the harvest time.
Simone Calugi still has a great passion for each kind of scales: old scales, twin-pan and suspended balances, mobile scales, spring scales and he also collect them.
He proudly shows them and some are in his office in Castelfiorentino, close to San Miniato, in Tuscany. The years go by but his passion for truffle still remain the same, especially the close connection with his land enabling him to flush out the excellences of our territory and bring them to our and worldwide tables.