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Practical guide and Chef’s top tips

You are about to sprinkle your steamy, warm, appetizing tagliolini with a grating of fresh white San Miniato truffle. But which tool should you use?
White or black, truffle needs to be cut with professional tools to prevent any taste or appearance change and product waste. Graters and truffle slicers thereby become precious allies and should be carefully chosen.
Graters and truffle slicers are the Chef’s precious allies and the main differences between them are quality and size of the cut. Truffle graters, called micrograin graters to be exact, cut truffle into strands enhancing flavour, increasing volume and drastically restricting the truffle quantity used.
Truffle slicers cut truffle into gills that can be made in different shapes and from various materials: entirely of stainless steel or enriched with rosewood or olive wood handle. The key element of a good truffle slicer is certainly the blade, no matter what shape. The sharp and stainless steel blade can be smooth or waxy and you can choose according to the desired cut. Moreover, the most of truffle slicers placed in the market have a little wheel on blade top which allows to adjust the cut thickness.
Graters and truffle slicers are a must-have tool for top Chef kitchens and all fans of white and black truffle. To enhance the quality of the product we recommend our exclusive Selektia Tartufi truffle slicer that you can easily find on our e-shop.